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Details zu Kurs K52571 (Easy English Conversation, Level B1 In the Morning)

Would you like to practise your spoken English in everyday situations as well as in small talk? Are you interested in broadening your vocabulary and in avoiding typical German-English mistakes ? Discussing suspenseful topics,this small group will help you to overcome your inhibitions to speak. You will lose your fear of making grammatical mistakes. On top of that you will get the chance to learn some interesting idiomatic phrases and informal expressions which are typical of the English language.

Details zum Kurs
Zeitraum: Mittwoch, 06.02.2019 bis Mittwoch, 03.07.2019,
von 10:30 bis 12:00 Uhr
an 19 Terminen
Kosten: 152,00 EUR

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  • Für dieses Gebäude wurde kein Bild hinterlegt
    Bürgerhaus Wetter
    Kaiserstr. 132
    58300 Wetter

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